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Symbiotic STEM

A SySTEM for modern STEM mentoring

Symbiotic STEM (or SySTEM) helps teachers, coaches, and group leaders virtually connect their students with scientists and scientists-in-training to explore new STEM topics, talk about college and careers, and even work on science reports and projects.

If you are an individual student (not part of a class, club, or other group with adult supervision) and still want a mentor, please contact us. We are more than happy to help you!


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We are on a mission to connect middle and high school students with STEM mentors, no matter their location.
Learn more about our modern mentoring SySTEM and our mentoring philosophy here.


We are incredibly grateful for any monetary or material donations that help us reach more students.


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Find out how to enroll your students or become a mentor.


Our program is built on flexibility- signing up once allows you to get involved anytime that works for you.


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